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Th3Baron Yo no other throwback song can ever come close to Mega Ran's spot on Dream Master! This is my life to a tee. Nerdcore word to the pocket protector. The beat is ill, I need a thermometer. Favorite track: Dream Master *Little Nemo the Dream Master*.
Aaron "ProtoBusterSwrd" Rodriguez
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Aaron "ProtoBusterSwrd" Rodriguez The first Forever Famicom album by Ran and K. I love this album almost as much as the DLC's that came after it. A nice bunch of samples, but the one you REALLY need to listen to is the "World Tree" Track. Instant classic! -Aaron Favorite track: World Tree *Faxanadu*.
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Rhokeheart This is very cool. Great production from k-murdoch and awesome rhymes full of witty gaming references. Something fans of hip hop should check out! Favorite track: Forever *Earthbound*.
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The Year, 20xx. When we last left Mega Ran, he was forced to make a very difficult decision. Didn’t know who to trust. Sometimes the uncertainty of life can lead one in a strange direction. And now, Mega Ran and K-Murdock and present… Forever Famicom Is it a bird, is it a plane, is he insane, probably, all the above all of the scrubs and gamers right beside he, What do ya know? what did he do? Come back to the lane where he gained his most fame, by rapping bout them games He was ready to quit, the first was a one shot deal But the big wigs got word of the style and the skill Now everywhere he goes people ask him the same exact Question “when u gonna do some more gamer rap?” Now what we gonna do right here is go back, or forward, I’m not even sure, I’m losing track somewhere between tomorrow and yesterday a new chapter begins, so wipe the rest away! When we last left mega ran- he was in a quandary - brother tried to talk to him he said don't even bother me. He was caught between a hard place and a rock, and was starting to lose faith in the doc Doubted his purpose lost faith in a lot Walked off and never solved the case so it's locked Still had mega dreams of escapin the block But he had to prove no one was Takin his spot Then he met a man, his name was k murdock Played him a couple tracks and they were hot, With the vibe that strong, Inspired him to put the blue helmet back on make some new rap songs But whadya know it wasn't a foe that he was used to chasing down They attacked the industry for promoting and marketing Music that was tepid and bland Had to rep for the fans, got off stage and stepped in the stands So I won't be back to robot city for a minute, cuz I got a new fight, and every intention to win it Dig it? Splendid, now pick up the paddle We got a war to win, so get equipped for the battle yeah.. Now what we gonna do right here is go back, or forward, I’m not even sure, I’m losing track somewhere between tomorrow and yesterday a new chapter begins, so wipe the rest away!
didnt have to wear a tuxedo to touch people, never moved rock, wasnt trying to see Judge Ito, If it dont fit you musta quit it, but if i do fit you musta did it, I wasnt wit it Focused on my love for hip hop, wouldnt flip flop to get props, just try to keep it fresh like a Ziploc Similar to the games of yesterday, I blow the dust away they still fresh today reminisce to the first day I set it up way past bedtime, wouldnt stop playing till I leveled up fingers blistered suffering from fat-i-gue then teachers wonder why i had a bad attitude head of the class like Hessman in '86 Regrettably passed the freshmen that gave me fits but they all come back, glad that i taught em, i support em, even though they tend to fall like autumn Back in the 80's when it begun recall, in DC, rocking a T, "Run Jesse Run," Galactus tactics, require strait jackets to skip the viruses, installed the patches we took the scenic route to find the fundamentals ink is my drink too, so this ain't coincidental K-Murdock made the Call to Mega Ran we veterans, goin strong til Forever, man Chorus: Might not be real, who knows what's real, but they will never know, what keeps us together, I know we're young, I know we're young But if we’ve come this far We’ll be here forever. Verse 2 Pause-- Oh yeah - let me continue The game don't stop another day another venue if they made a game of all the stuff I been through, That jawn would be rated m, I say again- first they'd drop you in the middle of the hood With no communication skills so you couldn't be understood Only 1 life and no save slots your enemies and party members would live on the same block and ya HP and Mp is dang near empty and you can't max out no battery backup, so if you back out gotta start it all over again fresh, you’d probably be impressed— how I managed to cheat death, and make it out the hood with no regrets and I gotta thank that little grey box with the red light, dead right in front of you I spent every night Chorus Verse 3 I’m from where adolescents peddle coke in their coat Tote hammers, quick to let the metal smoke So pay attention in the presence of professionals See I’m just speaking my mind, I gotta let you know We gotta separate the real from the artificial The chrome 9 double m’s from the starter pistols American gamer, never will change up We’re level 99, try stepping your game up No matter what, we refuse to stop Even if the dough’s slow, like it’s screwed and chopped I gotta keep it real, most of these dude’s aint hot I only stand up and clap when your music stops Trying to rule the block? We’re after the globe I should host a video called “when rappers explode” ‘cause I aint here for the platinum and gold Take life by the horns, we just grab the control, yeah! Chorus and adlibs
"Dream Master" (Jarbo/Murdock) This is a story of a boy who believed That whatever he dreamed he could grow to achieve But never in his live did he dream he could be An inspiration to those that came before he… (chorus) Hey, hey, alright (8x) Verse 1 Once upon a time, before beats and the rhymes And before there was ever any Random, There was a boy in the hood, who always did good So the bullies of the block couldn’t stand him And on Christmas and birthdays he got mad presents so many, he ain’t know what to play with He had Transformers, He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Star wars, But the G.I. Joes were his favorite He was so creative, that if they didn’t make a toy he like Decided to create it He put Storm Shadow’s legs on Snake Eyes’ body till it popped And then he duct taped it He made spaceships, while the big kids hung out on the block playing hide and seek And riding back They used to try to get involved but they told him “get lost” And that’s when they started gettin’ high at night Then I heard a made a friend who was as nerdy as him When he had all that he could withstand they collected comics and cards, studied, knew the whole Star Wars script like the back of his hand And in school he made A’s and B’s And teachers complemented his amazing feats, And all the while he wondered, If I’m so amazing, geez How come nobody won’t play with me? (chorus) Verse2 So to say this kid looked funny in school That would be a colossal understatement He had high water pants, coke bottle frames And a mouth full of orthodontic braces First girlfriend was named Christina Perez, He took her everywhere, now the boy’s so cool But she dated him on a dare And left him standing there without a clue, Man kids can be so cruel Just when people couldn’t like the boy any less, Around the same time shorty got an N.E.S. Cause his mom felt this was the best way to keep him out the streets, Although they was penniless Only child, so she didn’t want an empty nest And it’s a healthier addiction than cigarettes And so it began, how did he escape this scene? He sat in front of that screen, and chased his dreams. (chorus) Verse3 Fast forward a couple years, he gained a couple peers And sucked up game like a vacuum Went off to college and sought some knowledge And developed the heart to make rap tunes Vowed to stay true when he dropped his debut And did, so this got his little name up And it was money in the bank, but money drew a blank Every time the second LP came up So he thought back to childhood And how he survived in such a wild hood Then he realized, they didn’t hate him And whatever didn’t break him, that’s what made him So he decided to combine his love for the games and raps Open his soul up and let ‘em in, Then he chopped up some 8 bit sounds, put it down Now Random is now known as Mega Ran. Now his name’s all over that internet Girls who didn’t care are now interested And the best part of the story, comes at the end But that part hasn’t been written yet…
The Goodness (Jarbo/Murdock) I was blessed wit a gift, both to teach and to spit And I was taught to show grace when receiving a gift I'm like a Fiend needing a hit, I'm pleading the fith, Nah I got high on life, never needed a spliff But dnt be takin me as, some kinda flake or a crab, don't be makin me mad, cuz I don't play with the pad, That is Unless it's the one that regularly come wit world class track meet cause the boys an athlete We all been rhymin for years, but similarities end, yall spitting into the wind- tryna make mine a career That was an external rhyme, if yall ain't peep the design, since boss there ain't been tracks deeper than mine I used to write on my mirror in my tiny little room That I would get large wit my tiny little tunes And I ain't where I wanna be yet But i'm closer than I was last week, baby steps I guess / Hook We are- takin rap higher than ever-before-so come on get board if u wanna soar- u ain't gotta deal wit the frauds no more... Don't be scared cuz we got that Goodness Random got the k murdock got the Dn3 got the We all gotthe goodness Come on in and get open of the sound We got enough to go around Call me the R wing co starring K-murdock, here's a hearty meal cuz yall been starving We all bring somethin fresh to the table Forks and knives plastic, my raps ain't fatal For my peeps out in Rochester sorry I'm late, a little health food break from the garbage plates Taste good goin down, it's been heavily tested- my message so refreshing it's compared to a beverage. No MSG. Just a def mc an and producer on a mpc blasting off like the spirit rover you couldn't see me wit a kepler, I rep the, inner city and the steppers Fox mccloud when I box em down Got the naysayers optin out, They want me to stop but not right now I got the blogs kinda hot right now, u see it.. hook All I wanted was a few spins, benzes wit new rims, never excited me, I tied up my loose ends, payin my dues, tried obeyin the rules, every night shacking at a different red roof inn Its obvious the game need a hero Yall look impressive, but u playin against kids, like tim tebow- Impregnable D, tryna be what I was destined to be, Whats that—I guess a legend mc, mega ran Heavy hand strong mind-- a long line of greats preceeded me, So I thank yall for yall time. Fans lined up like ladies at the rest room Constantly emailing awaiting my next move, I can't tell u cause I wouldn't be ran All I can say is stay tuned, take a look at ya man Chubby oak lane kid wit dimples and a dream And makin money in rap ain't as simple as it seems Couldnt have fun wit one gsme, Turn signal burned out cuz I can't stay in one lane I move to video games then EGm's gone But we gone keep it goin strong- forever famicom Perform then we gone A jiggle to the left and the right and we on Eons beyond what u consider the norm My songs is psalms, that's the crusade we on, lets go...
Player Too (Jarbo/Murdock) sometimes i need someone to hold me (hold me) *down cuz you know a player gets lonely (lonely) call me if you able to, you can be a player too If we cant have trust, then you cant hang wit us cuz this games so difficult it makes me wanna cuss i feel like im gettin ridiculed by scores of enemies who liter-ally* respawn every second u kiddin me im riddlin these cats wit shots and it aint fazin em or makin em *retreat, man they think im tryna play wit em i made it this far on my own but now i hit a wall *heard it aint no fun unless the homies get involved gettin all frustrated *i hate it im jaded i wanna take it out power off and never again play it im faded, shoulda been in bed hours ago i skyped you, i tweeted you, *where were u when i needed you? chorus sometimes i need someone to hold me (hold me) *down cuz you know a player gets lonely (lonely) now (skype me) if you able to, you can be a player 2 they got me cornered im a goner, if ya gonna get get a quarter then i think u oughta become a supporter and (join me) if you able to, you can be a player 2 (2x) A table for one is no fun let's go Me and you make 2 well get thru Let's go, let's go so here we go let's go come on when it gets so hot thank god for co-op aliens, armed troopers to robots i know not what i would do witout yall doctors makin housecalls runnin outta ammunition, im hit im a sittin duck *listen up - to my transmission- come and pick em up this is what a playa do, promise imma stay wit you wolverine and sabertooth brothers in arms, recover the bomb son we got ta weather the storm, ha my hammer of dawn - calamity gone (BOOM) how can it go wrong= my family strong infinite continues, im wit you until we end it * vengance is splendid* lets show em we nothin to contend wit you wit it like im wit it then lets win it exquisite, aint leavin the spot till every achievement's unlocked got the villains fleein in flocks bring heat to the block boy from up up down down, to a,b,b,a been with ya from the beginning eve-ry step of THE way kill em wit no delay, call me, make it a 3 way
The Girl With The Make Up (Jarbo/Murdock/Price) i used to make up sketches of the perfect companion one with the right combo of passion and understandin chillin on the stoop we would make up games spin the bottle truth or dare but i was way too lame till i met a chick in math class, her name was dawn she was the first girl i knew that put make up on i wanted to get wit her so I would make up lies pretend that i was gettin money like those guys on the ave who hustled 9 to 5 just to make up time only came to school once a week cuz they was on the grind begged my mom for a starter jacket and got 4 cuz i had mad deficiencies to make up for so i started talkin back to teachers and actin up i'd make up jokes that had the class crackin up but i was only concerned with that one girl with the make up, she made up my whole world Hook You see we, make love and fight then we lust Then we make up undress and mess up your make up again (we’re going upside down, round and round again) it was a rainy day, i was supposed to walk home with the fellas i made up an excuse, cause i saw dawn wit no umbrella although it belonged to my moms, i gave it to her anyway i was too shy to talk so i started to walk away until she said, you might as well stay till the bus come this is the kinda situation the old me would run from but i came back, put on my act, played it cool like them cats who would sit in the back, of the classroom i cracked jokes, talked about people walkin by and she laughed at em, i was officially livin a lie cuz i knew if she had known that i was geek, that was from the streets, but far from street, i aint have a chance then feelings started rushin like an avalanche bus was comin, so i just grabbed her hand, wrote my number in her palm wit my bic pen and we been goin steady since then, ha! Hook You see we, make love and fight then we lust Then we make up undress and mess up your make up again (we’re going upside down, round and round again) one day i showed up at the rest, decided i would surprise her she didnt have no makeup on i didnt recognize her I had to make up an excuse cuz i aint have a spine but i dont want a girl who's only pretty part time then she busted me, had the nerve call me a hypocrite said i aint the only one lyin, you aint no differ-ent she knew that i made up lies about hust-lin knew i got all my cool clothing from my mother and the sad part was that she liked me for me, and i hid behind the same insecurities that she fell for, tryin to be somethin that i was not she said i liked u, way before the bus stop she said not only can we not hang together, i just got an NES we coulda gamed together so i guess the moral is, work wit what ya got better to be hated for what ya are than loved for what ya not Hook You see we, make love and fight then we lust Then we make up undress and mess up your make up again (we’re going upside down, round and round again)
Drop the Load (Jarbo, Murdock) Drop the load (8x) When I was a little kid Playin games up in the crib I guess took for granted the Time it took to get it in Power on game start in 20 seconds flat Shoot, 2600 games would take less than that I just can't seem to manage Never understood the fact The more powerful the system, It's a bigger piece of crap Commodore 64 a game called ultima I would fix dinner in the time it took to load it up Wing commander 3, although I never tried it, installation took an hour, so I wasn't buyin it I miss the cartridge, them joints were mad sturdy Now u get a disc read error if it's a little dirty, I used to stack my carts up and built forts with em, Dropkick em with gi joes and put em in the system Power on and they work perfectly without a hiccup, if u feel like I feel, then say it with me, now get up and... Drop the load (8x) Had an 360 3 years, three red rings Had an nes forever never had to fix a thing, Used to love soldier of fortune, blowin cats apart, But I could make a cake in the time it took for it to start So traded in my station, and copped a 64, but when I saw how much the games cost my jaw hit the floor 70 bucks for superman, well I just got paid Little did I know that was the worst game ever made And I was working at toys r us, my job was to sell, so I couldn't tell you that joint was cheesy as hell Moved on to ps2 when I heard the news of metal gear solid 2, and I remember, that joint was cool, But when i beat it, all I remember sayin Was I spent more time on cutscenes than actually playin Made me wish I never gave away my old joints, this is this whole point, can I get a witness say it wit me Say drop the load Drop the load Drop the load!
My methods take heads back like Sam Beckett, Respected for the angle I bring to the game So my name resonates and reverberates Play the game till I get the service ace, like the murder rates My intellect gained me a lot of respect But you haters need a muzzle for the side of your neck If you’re about progress, we gotta connect Tax cats like funds coming outta your check See we try to get that global acclaim take over the game Have the whole world knowing the name Kyle put the beat on, so Ran put the heat on Reppin’ till infinity and beyond, we on Another level like 7th gen, we never been Scared to forcefeed cats that medicine Plug your headphones up then let us in We used to get it in, blowing on connector pins (chorus) it started with the roots then we take it to the trunk, Branches to jazz to punk rock to funk The seeds are the leaves that blow through the breeze And thus the completion of the world tree (2x) Verse 2 I’m like colt seavers, but don’t tote heaters Don’t smoke neither, cd, no features Left the block and beat all the odds Who’s the boss? I left Jon Charles in charge So we felt the growing pains, took the slower lanes Give me a break? I’d overdose Novocain Perfect strangers, I never did know her name Now we bosom buddies, cause family matters, Moonlighting as a 30 something rapper It’s a different world, they say you wont be a factor Cause the rap game’s like a full house, Everybody wants a dynasty since the greats rolled out The wonder years are long gone You need a New Heart to compete or you gotta strong arm We got family ties, life goes on, Knotts Landing on the dome, but we still hold on Chorus 2x In the beginning, it started with the DJ He looped the breaks so we could hear the beat play And while it played, the b-boys danced And the poppers popped and left the crowd in a trance Eventually the parties started to grow And they needed someone to control the flow A cat picked up the mic, and that’s when it happened He started scatting and later it was called rapping Then it got bigger than they ever imagined It turned into street education and fashion, and Now the little shorties say it all the time And a whole bunch of them swear they know how to rhyme But the mystery, is the history And with it than we could see consistency Cause back in the days it was all good fun Might mention a gun, but nobody had one And now they say its out of control A tree grew in the Bronx and it spread across the globe Too big to knock it, too thick to chop it Tell me who profits, we can’t even stop it (chorus 2x)
2k10 (Jarbo/Murdock) uh, 2k10 the future is now, a new day begins what looked so bright is now dim and grim This is my story, and my name is Ken you might remember me from my past life king of the street fight but it all changed last night I'd been retired for a couple of years then i switched gears tried another career I was a lab tech, this employment brought me enjoyment i wanted to improve live instead of destroy it my partner Troy went ahead with our plan to create a better life for man with our invention, any climate man could withstand even increase strength in the legs and hands with just a small dose you'd see huge results but with a big dose you'd lose your pulse The plan was there but we never got to try it, see our formula was taken by space pirates I walked in the door like a quarter after 4 to see the formula gone and troy on the floor my first thoughts were to head for the exit cz the solution hadn’t been fully tested troy said (dont worry bout me, you gotta catch em) so began the hunt for the cyboplasm they stole from me, and killed my homey, its stuff like that that'll make me revert to the old me i had to fight fire wit fire had to regain the training i had before i retired but i upgraded for 20 ten implanted a bionic arm and upgrades to my skin I traveled the galaxy for what seemed like years traversing every planet and every frontier I got a new clue in every place luckily the cyboplasm is easy to trace every where the crook was he left a clue not sure if that was what he had intended to do but i was hot on his heels until i heard a strange voice telling me to leave, and that i made a bad choice, and at the same time i felt indescribable pain in the same spots i implanted bionics to my frame but i aint gone stop, yall know my background ken aint never been the type t back down i feel im getting closer cause the voices get louder although im in pain, i feel increases in my power and everywhere I went I learned a new trait new talent new skills, that would seal their fate i kept moving, just hopin the culprit might slip then on planet 29 i receive a hot tip i was close, i knew it, only thing left was to grab my formula and avenge my mans death got to his planet with my energy charged up busted in his door, he was there with his guard up he sent some of his flunkies to keep me entertained but one of my punches leaves em burstin in to flames faced with a web of lies and trying to cut through it the pirate said Troy put these cats up to it Nah, I cant believe that, but he says his true he said Troy's alive, and he infected you? i didnt wanna hear it so i kick em in the face and just then Troy walks into the place and says, I'm alive Ken... my trusting friend the formula is mine... and this is the end!
Epoch (Jarbo/Murdock) The dark sider, strider, mach rider tomb raider, tune slayer soul survivor i wear a halo but more like a dark angel im the king of the fighters, my fury is fatal god of war like the mighty thor, you a dinosaur extinct-tryna find a link to the past i crack down on wack clowns, and make em back down no more heroes - cuz they dont wanna rap now keep my metal gear solid--my modern warfare cast dark clouds every several years you could never question my dedication the beat resonatin while im awaitin ya resignation since i was a cadet, every last cassette i record , had to hit em wit a mass effect while record execs recycling schemes sellin dreams to scores of little micro machines without a major deal still display the skill rhymes remain sharp like blades of steel i rampage the stage im so official make arch rivals double dribble so the ref blow the whistle its like a duck hunt, i hold the pistol bomberman big ran wielding contra-banned in ten states for bein unusually brutally take 2 or 3 crews wit me musically compose beautifully get ya paperboy, but we aint dancin too many maniacs in the mansion couldnt stop it if you pop it we Bubble Bobble in the StarTropics, we gotta get the profits a far cry from the small fries now how you feel, duct taped in the middle of silent hill you aint nearly as advanced as me so this is the last battle, your final fantasy CHORUS My time is now, and my moment is here I dont know any fears, so just open ya ears from the clubs to the cons, my buzz is the bomb even thugs on the grind, showing love to the rhyme My time is now, and my moment is here I dont know any fears, so just open ya ears from the clubs to the cons, my buzz is the bomb everybody on line showin' love to the rhyme its the overlord, man over board when i record my writin is ninja gaiden-lightnin my mic source drainin ya life force ring king southpaw but watch for the right cross aint no options when you in the shotgun you a wild gunman say hi to the top gun its deja vu, cuz Ran's back in ya face boul, or we can turn the system up and make it a base (bass) war commit mad crimes never see no bid stack chips like a casino kids -in vegas dreams trust i got the MUSCLE to touch you, i been a G DJs say my records got legs like millipedes I slap earth wind fire and ice out of rappers for tryna say that Ran aint nice cuz im immortal and its more than a word we can take it outside and go one on one like jordan and bird kid kool, i skip school, still spit jewels, im too hot, aint no safe place or cool spot, you a blabbermouth, tell me what you mad about, we can have it out, turn the stage to a splatterhouse archetype and the prototype when i hold the mic they like true, I'm dynamite duke im fresh and def-he rhymed, then Ran left stole the show, they callin it grand theft the law cant concern me, im a hundred and 0 represented by an Ace Attorney parties i turn out then burn out do the knowledge im what ya need to learn bout nobody move till i say so get the pesos hells angel last remnant of saints row i blaze blue and stay true im past ya speed adhere to the rap assasins creed
Double Dragons (Jarbo, Murdock, Jermicide) Minding my business the other day When these punks punched my girl and took her away Couldve been some cats I owed dough to Called my brother, he ain't have no clue I don't care how many chimps I gotta go through No guns, no knives keep it old school Just fists and feet, so we hit the street back to back till the missions complete I'm runnin up on cats, speaking no words, a knee to the face then I leave em on the curb Im well versed in the martial arts But for some reason i only know 2 moves to start All good, though, cuz I'm Learnin I stay focused, determined The blaze is burnin, United we stand scrapping Attackin cats crackin backs, the double dragons, what? Verse 2 (Jermicide) I’m kickin’ ass, got my red vest on Now I get my flex on Broads and guys get a kick to the head zone Abobo try to step and his chest gone 2 brothers walk the beat we the best known We in the streets where your peeps catch a headstone Without heat, got a bat, get your head flown Anything around turn in to a weap-on You know I’m dead wrong Like Lee but I aint talking about the press on Kidnapped Mari-an , see, the man’s redbone Now we finna pay him back like krev-lon Black warriors, blood ya lips Me and my man red and blue like the bloods and crips Bobbin out though I never thought a buzz for chicks But here I am beating domes in with clubs and sticks Double dragons, pants saggin’ toe tagging (random) Bloody knuckles, we scuffling, I got a hot tip from the warehouse, not even a hop skip and jump from where we be gettin it down Some cat named willy, I heard his name around, white slacks and smedium shirt, we approach him immediately givin him work Now I'm face to face with my girl at last, But the look on her face made me worry a tad (Jerm) In the warehouse, you suffer plently losses Get your ish tossed, big timing little bosses Got the girl, in the midst it was nothing Case getting curious like Benjamin Button All of a sudden talking bout how we was smuttin’ Back in the day (before me you was cuttin?) Now we gotta bang it out for your thang? Yeah right, mustve bumped your brain Me and man airtight…
CONtact (Jarbo, Murdock) I been performing for years.. stealing shows like a smooth crook, Till one day my mans like dude, look What if fans come and see u at a con and they never been? so I wrote me a rule book Cuz there's some things at concerts that are totally fine, but they don't quite apply at a con, and so I'ma give you ten tips to maximize your fun But you can't pick and choose, gotta follow each one Rule one, is the most important of all the rules, before you go, make sure ur wearing comfortable shoes Cuz you'll be walking all day and if ya dogs start to bark, You gone miss out on a lot, so it pays to be smart, number two, speaking of pays, bring cash, Cuz the ATM fees is just gone make u mad, Plus standin in them lines is a hassle, an venders love green so it's much easier to haggle Rule number 3, make sure u schedule your moves, cuz it's more going on than you gone have time to do, And some events are ticketed so if you wanna go, grab one and come back cuz if ya slow ya blow Rule 4 is something that might sound strange, but please do NOT forget to bathe, with thousands of folks cooped up in one spot, you're bound to be in line with the guy that forgot, pew Rule 5, talk to everybody cuz u never know, who's who what's what and of course, what they know, and read the name badges and ask good questions, cuz you could be talking to a legend Rule 6 is don't go overboard spending your doe, or it's a really bad feeling when it's time to go And u realized you need gas and something to eat, Shoot, that one almost happened to me, anyway Rule 7 is pack yourself a con kit With asprin hand sanitizer, and breath mints Cuz while ur being friendly, keep in mind, most guys don't wash their hands when they go to the john And speaking of meetings, there's rule #8, comic cons aren't the places to find dates Better see id before u get to romancin Or before u know it u face to face with chris hansen Number 9 is Keep ya camera charged U gone see some things that u gone wanna share with your squad From elaborate costumes to childhood idols, bringing home pictures are absolutely vital Number 10 is something you should do while your still there, If you're enjoying it, register for next year! There's plenty more but I won't bother u with every one, and besides that'll ruin all the fun, If u never experienced it u gotta do it once, all the hard rocks out there would probably front, But its unreal, folks think im kiddin then they walk on the con floor and become a kid again Dont become a slave to your own ignorance, Don't be afraid to try something different I went in 07 and haven't missed it since, the lines get longer and the stench is more intense But I can't imagine missin out sittin up in the house, wondering what all the fuss is about? I'm out? And don't forget to holla at ran if you should see me Ill be at the Capcom booth, signin CDs Peace!
For The Gamers (Random/Int 80/STD) Random From sittin on the floor gaming To dropping some of the highest scores the world had ever seen, To dropping some of the craziest verses rap had ever heard From Woodstock a good block Since 82, They know me well, though they don't do what they say they do, my only hell is not being called the crazy dude Oh naw, For cats who work a 9 to 5 But still Be standin in line at midnight Oh that's real Want ta be the first to master it, gamefaqs in it, hater call u addicts but, I just know u passionate So Made a song for yall cats Haters u can fall back Gaming since the 80's wish that I could bring em all back It’s for the gamers, Though gettin up for work is a struggle Playin all night till u come down with carpal tunnel This for the gamers Who forsake meals and sleep To beat a game they ain't even had a week, so peep This for the gamers Play a game and beat it, but won't stop till the unlock all the achievements believe it Warcraft to madden; let me at em, all I gotta do is find a pattern (int 80) This the for gamers, experts, noobs and the griefers Protection defeaters, all us hackers and cheaters I’ve got bad habits, lots of tools in my backpack Distributing AIM bots and seeding out a map pack Up for a fair game if you got the skills But I like to give the playing field a little bit of tilt Cause winning’s an addiction; I like to feel the thrill So step up if you want, though I’ll crush you when you will You on point, Ran? (all the time, Int) I got your back, supplies are packed, consider me your sidekick Victory is flawless, no one’s gonna stop us Strong through the gauntlet, No need for being cautious Arcade to console, PC I’ll join It’s offense and D, both sides of the coin Another round or not, I should really save my voice Press start or call it quits, time to make a choice (STD) I got the nervous tics and twitching and them bloodshot eyes, not Much of a surprise, got to bed at five and I’m shot By nine I'm in trouble, struggling just to adjust I’m seeing stuff I don’t trust, but soldier through it I must X's and circles and squares float in the air and they glow so intense And I'm so intent on getting through this quick time event Ammo and health items are everywhere, and I swear That I can climb that wall right over there like I am Altair PMCs are sweeping, but I find my way by ‘em Trying to grapple gargoyles like I’m in Arkham Asylum Spying Black Mesa gunships hover in the sky and I am shopping, every merchant asks “What are you buyin’?” I use the orbs I am paid, and I upgrade to a new gun Shoot and jump through an orange portal, step out through a blue one Now maybe I am dreaming, maybe I have gone insane Or maybe, just maybe I've been playing too many games (bridge, then chorus) (t minus 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, ignition, liftoff).. (Random) Super mario trilogy, Billy lee to Jimmy lee, castlevania contra, jackal and super c Lode runner, Kid niki, mega man 1, 2, 3, 4, you get the picture, even shadow of the ninja, SectiOn z, rygar; gradius, diehard, Chrysalis, armagon, superspike metal gear, metroid, pro am, captain skyhawk too maniac mansion but I had to use the walk through, bayou Billy, spy hunter, shadowgate, rushnattack Skate or die 2, blaster master kept me in the house, battletoads duck tales chip n dale, mickey mouse bases loaded pro wrestling, track n field I hit the hurdles legendary wings but I gave up on ninja turtles, nemo, metal storm, lolo, adventure isle, bionic commando, wizards and warriors, monsters in my pocket , Kirby festers quest of course final fantasy, balloon fight, earth bound Tecmo bowl ; Okoye trucking cats for first downs Double dribble river city ransom, Kid icarus Still know the code to mike Tyson it's ridiculous Donkey kong, golgo 13, goonies 2, Guardian legend, friday the the 13th who coulda knew Some call it an obsession, but they can't understand the creativity it gave me made me what I am, Wit the bible under my hand on the stand I swear, If I wasn't a gamer, I might not have a career...yeah And some of yall ain't gonna get wit this, But there's a million people that might feel different the gamers….
Galaxies (Jarbo, Murdock) Stays online like I stays on the grind Rain or shine forever it's famicom Top dog big ran Sakamoto Pop off when the fans snap a photo put em on the flyer, spit it thru the wire Muck and the mire. Spit it to inspire never will retire, keep the fans waitin do it till im in suspended animation live from planet SR388 prayin Ran dont get dropped like baby weight **** leave em shocked like 808's and heartbreak - probly never shoulda gave me space now i take off, comin with a great force Ran Brind'Amour winnin all face off and give em more make em all break north crack a smile on a gain or a great loss cuz no matter what i count it all joy > i recall sittin on the floor playin with my toys not a care in the world just a lil boy meanwhile momma stressin out cuz she was unemployed we maintained in the darkest world me and justin bailey with the narpas sword brinstar norfair trapped in warfair hit lands only cats with heart explored life hit hard like a death in the family spit bars praying that the deaf understand me Mini boss like a Ridley, Kraid so i give my all when i hit the stage engage, and hope it get me saved and while im here i hope it gets me paid so i gotta flood em main sorta like a hurricane was gettin bored wit rap, found a nother lane we all strugg-l-ane, but imma keep cannon cocked until i reach that mother brain hi jump boots, varia suit screw attack, flip thru the air in the booth in tourian, i play em like accordion couldnt afford it then, mom still brought it in NES raps wish i woulda thought of them energy tanks is full, man we sure to win If - I - never sell a million records or I - never woulda been respected i- still - put my life on the rhyme skills barefoot walkin through the mine - field long as its in me imma spit like a semi automatic till it's empty and i swore, never to forget what i rhyme for leave it on the floor (do ya want an encore)


Collaborative Hip-Hop album/homage to Nintendo between emcee Random (aka Mega Ran) & producer K-Murdock (of Panacea).


released June 1, 2010

Catalog #: NSP-009

Lyrics By: Random (R. Jarbo; RandomBeats Publishing/ASCAP)
Music By: K-Murdock (K. Murdock; Neosonic Productions/ASCAP)

Artwork By: Kevin Merriman (thegreyninja.blogspot.com)

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all rights reserved



Mega Ran & K-Murdock (Bits & Rhymes)

Everyone's favorite "Teacher/Rapper/Hero" Random aka Mega Ran has teamed up with K-Murdock, producer and 1/2 half of the critically acclaimed group Panacea, to create collaborative projects like Forever Famicom which pay homage to two of the fellas' biggest musical inspirations- hip-hop & video games! ... more

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